Investment Opportunities

Resource-based activities in agri business, agro processing-fish, (fruit, vegetables, food crops and wood products): minerals processing of gold, diamond and salt; manufacturing and tourism

  • Real estate development
  • Information and communications technology
  • General infrastructure: agricultural and industrial estates, roads, highways, railways and ports
  • Health services delivery
  • Energy
  • Development, management and operation of export processing zones etc.


  • Graduated and reasonable corporate taxes
  • Location incentives: tax rebates for manufacturing in certain locations
  • Tax holidays ranging from 3 to 10 years depending on the sectors
  • Other tax concessions available
  • Custom duties exemption for plant machinery and parts thereof
  • Immigrant quotas are automatic depending on paid-up capital


  • MIGA membership and bilateral investment
  • Protection agreements protect your investment
  • Double taxation agreements
  • GIPC Act. 1994 (Act 478) guarantees 100% transfer of profits, dividends, fees etc.
  • Bilateral investment treaties (BITs)