Export Incentive Schemes

The Ghana Export Promotion Council in close collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry plays a crusading role in the establishment of incentive schemes for exporters, some of which are:

  • An Export Proceeds Retention Scheme in operation allows exporters to exchange all (i.e. 100%) foreign exchange proceeds from non- traditional exports into cedis at competitive rates negotiated with the exporter's bankers or keep them in their foreign exchange accounts.
  • Corporate Tax Rebate, which allows any manufacturer or any person, engaged in agricultural production, exporting part or all of his production, to claim tax rebate between 40% and 75% of his tax liability
  • Custom Duty Drawback that allows exporters to draw back up to 100% of duties paid on material imported to produce goods for export.
  • Bonded Warehousing that allows manufacturers to seek Customs licence to hold imported raw materials intended for manufacturing for export in secures places without payment of duty.
  • Up - Front Duty Exemption, which operates alongside the duty drawback system enables exporters, enjoy 100% duty exemption on imports intended to go into production for export.