Tips and Donations

In general, staffs in hotels and resaurants are dependent on alternative sources of income, like tips. If service isn't included, you should leave a tip of 10 percent. Guides and other people offering services on the streets also expect a tip. You can agree a price with taxi drivers before making the journey and you normally won't need to tip them once you reach your destination. Taxi drivers usually charge obroni, white men, a higher price than their fellow countrymen. The group taxi, which drives along set routes and which you'll have to share with (many) others, usually has a set price. In Ghana, people will probably approach you asking for money. The best advice is to refuse firmly, sending them away with nothing. If you want to help people you should decide yourself where you want to spend your money or time. Don't accept offers from total strangers. The best thing is to give a donation to a good cause: a school, hospital, church and so on.