In general, it's easier to call Europe from Ghana than the other way round, whether it's post or telephone you're talking about. Post from Ghana reaches Europe in around 10 days, but don't be surprised if it takes a month. The same is true for telephones. The Ghanaian exchanges often become overloaded with the result that the line breaks. In the south and the large towns and cities, it's relatively easy to make telephone calls. In the north and in the countryside, it's more difficult. In recent years, Ghana has turned massively to mobile telephony. Mobile telephones work well as long as there's an antenna in the neighbourhood. As yet, there's no network covering the country completely, which can make mobile phones unreachable in some areas.

A cheap way of contacting home is email. In tourist places there are Internet cafes, otherwise your hotel should be able to help you send an email. If you have a yahoo, hotmail or comparable address, you can send and receive messages for very little money. An overview of cybercafes is available on: or