Ghanaians love music. There's always something to listen to and the locals aren't afraid to use the volume button. The most popular genres are reggae, with Bob Marley still the giant apostle, the religiously tinted gospel music and highlife, the modern Ghanaian dance music. Ghana has a number of local stars in these three genres. A few of them are known internationally, like Kojo Antwi and Abrantie, who play modern highlife, also known as hiplife. The western Diamonds is another good Ghanaian band. The Tagoe sisters and Cindy Thompson are well-known gospel singers.

In the big towns and cities you can always find live music playing somewhere, particularly at weekends. Every Sunday, the pleasure boat Dodi Princess sails from Akosombo to the Dodi Island with lives music on board. For live music you should go to La Beach (Accra) on Sunday afternoon. At the weekend there's often live music playing in the beachside restaurant Next Door in La Beach. Another popular spot is the Afrikiko park restaurant, just behind the Dutch Embassy. There are also plenty of discotheques. One of the most well known is the Macumba at Danquah circle.