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AKWAABA - Welcome to Ghana, the safest, friendliest, most affordable, english-speaking country in Africa

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Situated in the heart of West Africa, five degrees north of the equator, Ghana is a warm, tropical country with 540km of scenic palm-fringed beaches and the friendliest people in all of Africa. Ghana enjoys lush forests and jungles in the south and vast savannahs in the north. Scenic highland ranges ensure abundant precipitation and green vegetation in the region.

The Republic of Ghana achieved independence from British rule on the 6th of March 1957 and the first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, became the Head of State of the first independent black nation in Africa. The official language is English and the legal system is based on English common law and customary law.

The capital, Accra, is situated on the coast and is a bustling African city housing the seat of government, the parliament and most national institutions. Kotoka International Airport is five kilometers from the center of Accra. The second largest city, Kumasi, is the historic capital of the Ashanti civilisation and home to the King and palaces of the Ashanti. Although Ghana is a Republic its Kings and Queens have played a major role in the governance of the country for over 450 years.

The Portuguese built the Elmina Castle in 1482, their first defence against other Europeans attempting to establish trading businesses on the Gold Coast (Ghana's former name). Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle and fort St. Jago have been designated World Heritage Monuments by UNESCO. These impressive monuments are the oldest European buildings outside Europe. There is a shrine to the memory of all who were forced into slavery at Cape Coast Castle.

Ghana is blessed with accessible rainforests. At Kakum National Park, there is a canopy walkway that takes visitors 30-meters high above the rainforest. Mole National Park is ideal for safaris and wildlife and there is a motel and viewing platform with panoramic views.

Throughout Ghana, there are many crocodile ponds and monkey sanctuaries for close-up photos. The numerous lagoons and swamplands are natural nesting grounds for local and migratory birds. There are many spectacular waterfalls within walking distance from the roads.

Ghana is a land of festivals, and visitors are always welcome and encouraged to join in the fun. One of the amazing celebrations is the royal durbar that attracts vast audiences. The King of Ashanti in golden splendour meets his people in Kumasi, an occasion where Ghana's world famous kente fabrics explode in a profusion of styles and colours.

There are lots of activities: safaris, trekking, photography, fishing, canoeing, sailing, watersports, golf, climbing, horse racing and for the daring a trip on a fishing boat on the surf. For the more leisurely visitor there are arts and craft markets, trips down gold mines, cruises on the vast lake Volta, and courses in music, drumming and dancing.

Ghana's warm climate nourishes a vast harvest of fruit and vegetables that are complemented by an offshore and inland fishing industry that all combine to provide exquisite Ghanaian dishes. There is a wide choice of excellent restaurants including fast food, Indian, Chinese, Italian, English, French and Ghanaian, and a host of nightclubs to suit all tastes in music entertainment documents

All visitors to Ghana must be in possession of a valid passport or legal travel documents. All visitors entering Ghana must have valid entry visa or, in the case of Commonwealth nationals, entry permits, issued by a Ghana diplomatic mission or consulate abroad or any other visa issuing authority mandated by the Ghana Government to act on its behalf. ECOWAS nationals and those of other countries with which the Government of Ghana has specific bilateral agreements are exempted. Travellers are strongly advised to ensure that they have all the necessary documents before arriving in Ghana. Check well that your passport will not expire within six months of your intended departure date.

Valid certificate of inoculation against Yellow Fever will be inspected at point of entry.

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