Vaccination against yellow fever is compulsory for Ghana. When asking for your visa and arriving in the country you'll be asked for proof of the injection. Although no other vaccinations are compulsory, it's advisable to have injections against DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, polio), Hepatitis A and Typhoid. You should also use anti-malaria pills. For current information on vaccinations and malaria prevention, contact a travel clinic at least six weeks before departure.

Take a first aid kit with you, including plasters, Norit, Sterilon, Oral Rehydration Salts and medicines for fever, diarrhoea, constipation, insect bites, and sunburn and travel sickness pills. If you take medicines regularly you need to take an exact description of them (not the brand name but the composition and dosage are important). Take twice as much as you need and spread this throughout your luggage, so you have reserves.

On arrival in Ghana take time to acclimatise. The sun's rays are particularly strong in the tropics. Always wear something on your head. Drink lots of water to replace the moisture lost in the heat. Warm drinks are better than ice cold ones, as they are kinder to your stomach and intestines. Tap water in Ghana is of moderate quality. You can wash with it and use it to clean your teeth, but don't drink it unless it's been boiled. Bottled mineral water is available almost everywhere. If you have diarrhoea, make sure you compensate for all the moisture lost by drinking sterilised water or (weak) tea. To compensate for the loss of salt use bouillon, Oral Rehydration Salts or add a small teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of sugar to your drinking water.

Health facilities are good in the large towns and cities. In smaller towns and villages there are usually mission or government run clinics where western and local doctors provide a good medical service. Most of the doctors speak fluent English and charge prices that match western standards.

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