Festival in the Greater Accra Region

Homowo Festival 

Place: Ga Traditional Are


Homowo (hooting at hunger) is one of the colourful festivals celebrated by the people of Ghana (Accra) Traditional Area.  It is characterised by rituals such as the sprinkling of “KPOKPOI” (the festival dish) to the gods and ancestors for spiritual protection, procession of twins through the principal streets, traditional drumming and dancing and general merry making.  A month before the celebration, there is a ban on noise making.  A climax of the festival is that from 12 noons to 6:00p.m. Any woman, no matter the status, should accept a hug from a man on the festival street.

Asafotufiam Festival 

1st Saturday of August
Place: Ada, 71 km east of Accra



Asafotufiam is an annual festival celebrated by the people of Ada.  It commemorates the victories of their warriors in battle and those who fell on the battlefield.  The historic event is re-enacted.  There are also purification ceremonies, a durbar of chiefs and firing of musketry. 

Ngmayem Festivals

Place: Dodowa


This is the annual traditional harvest and thanksgiving festival of the Shai and Krobos in the towns of Odumase and Somanya. 

Kpledjoo Festival

Place: Tema



It is an annual festival to facilitate the recovery of the Sakumo Lagoon for bumper harvest.  Preceding the festival is a five-month temporary ban on fishing and trapping of crabs in the lagoon.

On the day of the celebration of the festival, the chief priest/priestess of the Sakumo lagoon perform some rituals at the banks of the lagoon before the general public is permitted into it.

The climax is a grant-durbar of the chiefs and people and general merry-making amidst free-for-all hugging.