The Process of Renunciation

 1. Applicants applying to renounce their Ghanaian citizenship must submit a duly completed Declaration of          Renunciation of Citizenship of Ghana form.

2. The form cost EUR 200,00 and the payment could be made either in cash at the Embassy/Consulate or             through the following bank details;
Account Name: Ghana Embassy General Fees Account

Bank Name: Deutsche Bank Berlin

IBAN:  DE82 1007 0000 0063 5649 00


        Purpose of payment: Applicant's full name + Renunciation 

3. Once the money has been transferred into the Embassy's account, the applicant should write a short                 letter requesting the renunciation form/certificate, adding a copy of the bank payment slip and a                         self-addressed envelope affixed with not less than EUR 3.55 of postage stamps. 
4. To view the requirements for the renunciation, please click here.
5. After vetting the submitted documents which was sent to the Embassy, the Mission in Berlin will then                forwarded the documents to the Minister of Interior in Accra for consideration.  Upon approval, the                    Minister of Interior would issue a Renunciation Certificate and forward it to this Embassy for onward                    delivery to the Applicant.
6. It may be pointed out that the renunciation becomes legal only after the renunciation certificate has                    been issued.
7. Please note that a response from the Ministry of Interior in Ghana is usually received 6 months after                    submission of the application.  Applicants are therefore advised to apply for renunciation of                               Ghanaian nationality at an early stage of their procedure for acquiring the German nationality.
8. Applicants shall receive an acknowledgment of the application.