Upper East Region

Capital: Bolgatanga

Upper East Region is savannah, interrupted by the Tongo Hills near Bolgatanga (Bolga). The dry season is from November to April. During the rainy season, June to August, the landscape becomes a lush green plain. Architecture varies from viilage to village due to the ethnic mix and house painting photo opportunities. Bolga market is a hive of activity; local women wear colourful clothing and headgear quite distinct from other regions. There are customs entry points at Paga and Kulungugu on the Burkina Faso border. At Paga, 'sacred' crocodiles are enticed from the lake for a meal and photo shoot. There is also a nearby slave village complete with its slave graveyard, rock feeding troughs and drumming stones. At Navrongo, a 100-year old French Catholic Church made from mud is enriched with wall paintings and frescos, and complete with a Virgin Mary grotto. Resaurants, bars and accomdation are available in Bolga.