Brong Ahafo Region

Capital: Sunyani

Brong Ahafo Region is the 'bread basket' of Ghana. The region produces crops such as cocoa, cutton, cola nuts and tobacco. There is also a substantial timber industry. In the south the vegetation is mainly forest reserves with over one hundred hardwood species. Bui national park has elephants, leopards, buffaloes, a variety of monkeys and a herd of hippopotamus. Archaeological digs in Begho, Hani and Kintampo towns have uncovered ancient settlements. Apoo and Kwafie festivals take place in November. Yeji has a ferry terminus and a lake crossing point. There is an airport, accommodation and restaurants in Sunyani. In the villages of Boabeng-Fiema a religious taboo exists whereby the Mona and Colobus monkeys are considered sacred. Kintampo Falls are especially spectacular in the rainy season.